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Keep an eye to your school premises

Every school wants to keep its students safe but it can be challenging to keep track of each parent, visitor, or maintenance worker who enters the building. Our ayon visitor book streamlines the visitor management process through the use of visitor passes, thereby relieving much of the stress of front office staff.

  1. The school management can review the history of their visitors and can also find out the peak hours when footfall in school increases.
  2. The staff management can be done easily as attendance is maintained via QR code.
  3. Security of the children’s leaving early or coming late is maintained in the database for future references.
  4. Physical entries made by guard is waived as everything is maintained online.

We keep in mind the value of your health

We understand the value of time & health for the visitors who are visiting hospitals and at the reception also it became problematic to segregate the visitors as per their requirements. Our Ayon Visitor Book streamlines the visitor entrance according to the gate passes and according to their needs.

  1. The visitors gate pass will state their entry from the specified gates according to the sitting of the doctors they need.
  2. The staff management becomes very easy and accurate as it is maintained via QR code.
  3. The crowd at the reception is reduced as all the visitors will enter into the hospitals as per the gate numbers mentioned according to their requirements.
  4. They can keep a track on the entries along with the exit details

Track the visitors visiting at different locations in a office

It is very difficult for reviewing the registers maintained at different gates of the office so keeping in view this app streamlines the visitor visiting office for different puposes.

  1. The entries of the visitor is maintained online and admin can review the entries at different gates via a single system.
  2. Staff management is done very smartly and accurately.
  3. It bifurcates the visitors according to the different categories required by you in your premises.
  4. It generates passes for the visitors which will result in less time consumption.

We ensure the proper management

We ensure the proper management In factories it becomes very difficult to maintain data for all the visitors manually and accurately as few visitors don’t even mention details correctly.

  1. The staff management is being done via QR code.
  2. The suppliers detail is maintained in the database with full authentications which can be used for further references.
  3. In case of emergency at the working then an alarm for the help would be raised via app only.
  4. Visitor duration inside the factories along with the purpose of meeting can be traced easily.

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