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make a resident feel pleasure
while using the services


Whenever a visitor comes at your premises a notification with full details would be send on resident mobile Number and resident has a right to accept or deny the entrance of the visitor.

Resident can generate a entry pass via QR code for an expected visitor who will be visiting them at anytime which would be used by the expected visitor while entering the premises.

Resident can upload images & post via app in order to share their views and thoughts on which the other residents has an option to like & comment on the same.

Resident can generate a “Exit Code” for the visitors which can be used by the visitor while doing exit from the premises.

SOS button is provided in an app, in case of emergency it will send a notification to the gatekeepers & the dear and near one’s.

Resident has an option of making the payment online via pp in order to save time.

Resident can raise a complaint against any issues prevailing inside the premises.

Residents would receive a notification related to events happened or already happened and View images in a gallery of the app which can be seen by all the residents.

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