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It is a new digitized system known by the name of ?AYON VISITOR BOOK? (AVB) which provides you to secure your premises through a modern technique. It?s a cloud based software and App, which work in a Eco friendly manner as with the help of it every single data could be maintained without involving too much papers and manual entries.
AVB has provided a tab icon on the resident dashboard by the name of ?Visitor Information? under which a resident can view the history of the visitors, who visited them. The history can be viewed weekly, monthly or annually as per the requirement of the resident.
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The resident has the ID cards if gatekeeper asks for the same. But it is not mandatory to scan all the time as we have added a feature in which a gatekeeper can keep a track on them by just entering the vehicle details.
A resident with the help of an app can easily post something on the app and the other residents have a right to like or comment on that particular post. Our app provides a platform to build up a strong networking among the neighbour?s.
A tab icon by the name of ?Resident? is being displayed on the dashboard of the resident. By clicking on that icon, a resident can easily view the details of the people residing on each floor and towers. In case of an emergency they can contact each other for an immediate help.
"A tab icon by the name of ?Notification? is being displayed on the dashboard by clicking on which a resident could be updated by the events to be happen inside the premises along with the date and place and they can also view all the pictures of the events already happened in order to aware about the highlights of the events."
A resident can easily raise a complaint regarding the issues faced by them by clicking on the tab provided by us known as ?Complaint? tab. A resident can also avail a facility of doing chat with the admin regarding the solution for the complaint raised by them.
The updates related to the multiple offers prevailing near to their premises were updated by an admin and the same will be availed by the residents by clicking on the icon displayed at the top of the app.
A resident need not worry about the visitors arriving at their premises at an awkward time as a QR code feature provides you the platform to create a QR code for their visitor along with the date, time and purpose of meeting and can share the same with the visitor so that when they arrive they can do a check in without any hassle.
A notification tab on the resident dashboard provides you a platform on which a gatekeeper can easily be in touch with the resident for any assistance or permission which would be essential as per the safety point of view.
With the help of the Ayon visitor book a resident can view the payment dues posted by an admin and can directly make the payment by clicking on pay online tab. After that a payment gateway page will be displayed through which a resident can easily make the payment of all their dues.
A resident can frequently keep a track on the transaction made by him/her in order to get updated about the dues already paid and dues to be paid.
The resident can easily share the app with other family members as per the requirement so that everyone can have an access to an app.
A details of all the service staff is mentioned along with their photos, phone numbers and their status as they are available or booked will also be displayed there so that it become easy for the resident to contact them in case of any issues.They can also giving ratings to that particular staff for resolving the issue.
"A resident can easily rate an app by clicking on the rating tab in that way an app becomes reachable to all quickly."
"An app has an advanced feature by the name of ?Change Flat? by clicking on this tab, a sub tab will be displayed under which you can change your flats easily and can have an access to any flats."
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