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Ayon Group has came up with its new venture known as “AYON VISITOR BOOK, it is a digitized system which provides you to secure your premises through a modern technique. It’s a cloud based software and App, which work in an Eco friendly manner as with the help of it every single data could be maintained without involving too much papers and manual entries.

Our company has build up a team, who looks at the things very differently and try to incorporate it in their working which will enhance the quality of our business. Our teamwork enthusiasm and much effort along with a modern technology initiate them to think about the need for security and enhanced service & convenience level, which has led to the rapid emergence of “AYON VISITOR BOOK”.

What We Provide

Gate Management
With Gatekeeper App
In House Service
Clubhouse Entry/
Exit Management
In House
Social Media
Barrier Entry


  1. Resident has the authority to view full details of the visitors and able to approve or deny their entries.
  2. Resident is enabled to generate a QR code for the expected visitor, making a hustle free entry for visitors.
  3. They can enjoy posting on the App, which would be shared among other residents and they can like or comment on the posts.
  4. The resident if found them in a trouble at anywhere they can press a SOS button which immediately sends a notification to dear ones and security guard.


  1. It makes the visiting entry so easy for Security Guards as all the visitors entries are maintained online with no paper works.
  2. They can do vehicle management very easily which are parked at unauthorized places.
  3. RFID Barrier Entry (radio frequency identification) It automatically opens the barrier as and when your vehicle enters and exits at gate and sent a notification to the resident for the same.
  4. They are aware of all the visitors check in & check out times by viewing online via app.
  5. They can easily manage the entries of employees working inside the premises.


  1. They have the access to the owners directly as they don’t need to do it manually and wait for long.
  2. They can exit the premises by using the exit code already sent by the resident.
  3. They can easily park their vehicles inside the premises.
  4. The expected visitor can use QR code for as much days as permitted by resident and they don’t need to do entry again.


  1. They can view history of the visitors on weekly, monthly & annual basis.
  2. They have the authority to enter the updates regarding an events happened or already happened.
  3. They can receive the payments online via the app from residents.
  4. They can manage the details and attendance of the staffs with the help of the app.











Visitor's Check-In/Check-Out

Pricing Plan




Visitor notifications with image
Expected visitor management
User accessibility upto 3 member 6 member
History view option upto 6 months
QR code management for Staffs/visitors
Emergency management (SOS) with Alarm, location and SMS to relatives and security No SMS alert Yes with SMS alert to relatives
Complaint management
Events notifications
Multiple offers accessibility
Payment due management
Free Installation & Services
Free Tablets
Free Training of staffs
Visitor Exit notification with SMS alert Notification only Yes with SMS
Staff attendance management
Free AMC Up to 6 months
Free Website for RWA
Free Staff monitoring APP
Multiple flats with one Login
Gate accessibility
Support staff availability
Select Plan Select Plan


Keep an eye to your school premises

Every school wants to keep its students safe but it can be challenging to keep track of each parent, visitor, or maintenance worker who enters the building. Our Ayon visitor book streamlines the visitor management process through the use of visitor passes, thereby relieving much of the stress of front office staff.

  1. The school management can review the history of their visitors and can also find out the peak hours when footfall in school increases.
  2. The staff management can be done easily as attendance is maintained via QR code.
  3. Security of the children’s leaving early or coming late is maintained in the database for future references.
  4. Physical entries made by guard are waived as everything is maintained online.

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